Replacement Windcover for Rycote WS8 Windshield

Sale price$182.00

The Radius windcover are made from our high-quality longer-haired synthetic acoustic fur and come with a smooth internal lining and draw string. The longer pile fur provides up to 40dB wind noise attenuation and maintains audio clarity across frequencies. The windcover come in a range of standard sizes to specifically fit a variety of brands' windshield kits as replacement windcover.

Replacement Windcover for Rycote WS8 (FUR-00483)

  • Replacement windcover made to precisely fit a Rycote Modular WS8 Windshield Blimp
  • Long-pile synthetic acoustic fur attenuates up to 40dB of wind noise while maintaining high frequency clarity
  • Attached inner lining and drawstring allow for easy on & off
  • Handmade in England