RAD CLIPS - A 101 on what you need to know!

RAD CLIPS - A 101 on what you need to know!
With in less than a year after releasing our RAD series of shock mounts, we now have specialised mic clips that fit a range of different microphones. Best of all, every mic clip sold is completely compatible with every RAD mount in the range. The specific clips can be swapped, mixed and/or matched to your requirements.

MKH50 Clip
Let's start with the most popular, the MKH50 clip. The Sennheiser MKH50 microphone, much to our surprise, is by far one of the most popular microphones being used with the RAD Shockmounts.

Within a matter of weeks, we had requests from customers to create a clip that made it easy to slot the square shaped mics into. So here it is, The MKH50 Clip! With no soft over-moulding and a removable safety strap, these clips allow for a quick transition of mics. 

Mic Compatibility: Sennheiser: MKH20MKH30MKH40MKH50MKH60

Available as: pack of 2 or RAD-1 Shockmount, MKH50 Edition

19/20mm Clip
Next up is the 19/20mm Clip. This clip was designed around the ever-so-popular LOM BasicUcho omni-directional electret microphone. We wanted to create a lightweight, slim clip to make sure it would hold the mics securely, without the need for the additional safety strap. This clip also fits a range of 19-20mm microphones.  

Mic Compatibility:  
LOM BasicUchoDPA 4018CSennheiser MKH 8050Sennheiser MKH 8060 and Deity  S-Mic 2 

Available as: pack of 2

12.5mm Clip:
The 12.5mm Clip, designed for some of the smaller microphones such as LOM Uši Pro and Core Sound TetraMic 1st-Order Ambisonic. 

Mic Compatibility: 
 LOM Uši ProCore Sound TetraMic 1st-Order Ambisonic, Clippy XLR EM272Z1

Available as: pack of 2

8mm Clip:
Finally, the 8mm Clip. The collection wouldn't be complete without a clip that can hold the Lemo connectors for the Schoeps CCM microphones and capsules with amplifiers CMC1-U, CMC1-L and CMC1-K. The 8mm Clip is also compatible with the rear of the Sennheiser MKH 8050 when being used with the MZL Connector. 

Mic Compatibility:
Schoeps CMC1-UCMC1-LCMC1-KCMC6, CMC6-XT, CMC6/CUT60 and CMD42. Sennheiser MKH 8050, Clippy Microphone. 

Available as: pack of 2 or RAD-1 Shockmount, CCM/CMC1 L Edition



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