Made in Devon, England

Mic Windshields & Shock Mounts

A Blueprint For Success

Always Listening - For 35 Years

Fundamentally our mission over the last three decades has always been to listen. In our products, we listen for unwanted noise. From our customers and partners, we listen for what we can do to help.

Sometimes it might be a product enhancement. Sometimes it might be advice on recording in certain environments. Sometimes it might be about ways to improve our partnerships.

We are here to listen, learn and provide the best tools we can to meet your needs.

Worry free gear with direct support and honest pricing, that's our commitment to you; time to put us to the test!
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Audio Accessory 'Firsts'

Over the course of 35 years of making audio accessories, our family created many new products and categories that are now considered as broadcast industry standards.
  • Synthetic fur for windshield blimps
  • Foam with an integrated fur covering commonly referred to as a 'dead____' (insert animal name of your choice)
  • Windshield furs for portable recorders
  • Modern windshield kits with interchangeable parts
  • Patented universal mic shock mounts using non-elastic polymer material
  • Purpose made lavalier mic adhesive stickers and accompanying fur covers


You need the right tools in an experienced set of hands.

Our family has been making audio accessories for 3 generations and more than 35 years. We have done design, assembly, fabrication, sewing, testing, recording, customer service and pretty much every other job required to ensure we make the best products possible.

When we say we know what goes into every product, we mean it literally.